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You will be glad to know that Khukumoni  Foundation is collecting emergency funds to help the victims at flood-affected areas with essential remedy and reliefs.

In our country, flood hits almost every year. Furthermore, we know that Bangladesh is well known for being one of the most exposed climate prone countries as natural calamities like floods, cyclones, etc. Consistently, In this year flood is becoming more devastating and lengthened. Among the people, some of them are a very needy community of different districts become the worst victims.

Khukumoni  Foundation has always tried to enlarge a helping hand to the victims who are becoming affected and damaged by natural calamities in different times. Another purpose of this relief distribution program is to facilitate the post-flood rehabilitation function in these affected areas.

We appreciate you to donate and to become an integral part of us on the basis of your financial capacity. We will distribute as a package based where each relief packages for the flood victims will contain-
Rice- 5 Kg
Dal- 1 Kg
Beaten Rice- 1 Kg
Onion – 1 Kg
Potatoes- 1 Kg
Salt- 1Kg
and water purification tablets.

Our volunteers from all across Bangladesh acted for distributing emergency relief to victims especially in  Jamalpur, Sirajgonj Lalmonirhaat districts, and so on.
The volunteers of our foundation participated in the emergency situation with the strategic plan and disciplined way to distribute reliefs among victims.

Your sympathy and philanthropy put on us the courage to serve for these impoverished people.
We would like to show our honor to all the donors who have aided us during such a critical time.

Moreover, if you want to help the victims by donating dry food or medicines then you can send it to us on any day between 09 AM to 07 PM at our Head Office (R.H Home Centre, 3rd Floor, Green Road, Farmgate, Dhaka 1215).
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