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Let’s fight against COVID-19
COVID-19 is the name of a terrifying phenomenon nowadays in the whole world including Bangladesh. It is alarming that many of us have been seized by this fatal disease which indicates a very worse upcoming day.
We have initiated an urgent COVID-19 campaign for the most rootless people: hourly worker,
 a rickshaw puller, disabled, orphans, and so forth. PPE for service Providers, Food for all, One taka meal for Orphans, Hand sanitizes, the disinfectant program is begun by the “Khukumoni Foundation”. We are eagerly waiting for your kind donation to provide these types of services immediately.
We all of us know that there is an affliction uncovering on our youth and within our denomination. COVID-19 commits to fetch undefined suffering to the needy, most unaware denomination in the world. Extreme poverty, townish slums, evacuee camps, and those denomination afflicted by war or antique humanitarian inversion, this is only the starting.
They are not ready for what is coming and unable to cope with the pandemic that will be yet to be. Street kids and peoples’ experience, formed through the worst hours of this crisis, together with our amalgamation of forming arm-in-arm even with the networking of worthy local co-ordinators keeps us in an unparalleled position to favor at this tough time. The circle we serve requires us to act. We are promised to do that.
As a concerned volunteer, service provider,  young informer, or responsible citizen we know that you are passionate about bringing the world a suitable territory for people. Almost many of you are already holding action to confine the expanse of COVID-19!. Enlightened by the act of young volunteers across the world we’ve made a series of actions which anyone can maintain to join the war against misinformation and quarrel, and to enhance community assistance and spirit, divided by the time it will bring you to get engaged, so you may decide how you can contribute as your best.

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