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Why should you donate blood:-
When you donate blood, you are putting on back to your neighborhood. Donated blood privileges to patients in area hospitals. After all, population growth, medical improvements, and increasing blood safety standards are causing a boost in local demand that overruns our donation ratios.
Benefits as a blood donor:-
You will get a mini-physical test that will help to find out the current body fitness. Body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and hemoglobin are reviewed to assure it’s comfortable for you to donate blood.
Eligibility for donating blood:-
The people who want to donate blood must be weighed at least 110 pounds (about 50kg) and be at least 17 years old (16 with written approval from the guardian). At the time of your donation process, you will complete a short health questionnaire to ensure blood donation is safe for you and the receiver of your blood.
What should you do before donating:-
Before donating blood/plasma, you must need to eat a good meal and drink an abundance of fluids that will help blood circulation. Furthermore, this will help you ameliorate the risk of passing out during the donating process.