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Be a Volunteer

Welcome to volunteering at our Khukumoni foundation. We have a diverse series of multiple projects that will enable you to help contribute something back to underprivileged as well as gaining vast experience and skills. Your volunteering can make a long term positive change to needy and disadvantaged street children using our projects.

At present, we run five schools in Dhaka city and multiple projects across the country. The details of each school can be found here.

Most of our programs are still run by people who offer their skills, experiences and leadership capabilities. Khukumoni is almost totally run by volunteers. Not only does that make us unique and influential, but we understand the importance of your time and will make you feel like an admired part of our society.

We are very much in need of your skills, effort, and talent.

Volunteering isn’t a Choice, it’s a Responsibility!
Volunteer for Bangladesh is a nonpolitical volunteer wing of KHUKUMONI Foundation. It has created immense opportunity for the youth to do something for the country. We look for young enthusiastic youth who are committed and passionate to bring a change in the society.


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